AutoDJ Not Playing Tracks in Centova Cast Troubleshooting Guide: AutoDJ Not Playing Tracks in Centova Cast If you're experiencing issues... Can I change my Centova Cast username? Yes, we are able to easily change your username for you, just open a Support Ticket and let us... Centova Cast User Manual DOScast is proud to introduce Centova Cast, an advanced web-based tool designed to automate and... How To Perfectly Configure 'Shoutcast v2' Authhash"? This detailed guide offers step-by-step instructions for setting up the 'Shoutcast v2' Authhash... How do I find the Secure Proxy Links? Secure Proxy Links are available on certain CentovCast servers with hybrid or modified software... How to Embed a webplayer from Centova Cast onto your website? The Web Player widget provides a web-based media player that your clients can useto tune in to... How to Steup Centovacast Autodj 1.) Log into the Centovacast Control panel. Your log in information was sent to you in a... My radio station is not showing up in the public directory After setting up your station it may take the Shoutcast directory up to 24 hours to receive and... My station isn’t listed on directories when using Auto-DJ, why? This issue can be caused by one filename using an invalid character. SHOUTcast and ICEcast... Native SSL with SHOUTcast v2 Using the SSL proxy is the most secure and efficient way of enabling SSL for your streams, but if... Setting Up AutoDJ on CentovaCast: A Step-by-Step Guide CentovaCast's AutoDJ feature is a powerful tool that allows online radio broadcasters to automate... Setting Up with Centova Cast: A Step-by-Step User Guide Dive into seamless online radio setup with Centova Cast using our user-friendly step-by-step... Stopping - starting the autoDJ before - after streaming live Question: If I want to switch from the autoDJ to a live broadcast (or vice-versa), how do I go... Troubleshooting Common Errors in Centova Cast and Their Solutions Centova Cast is a popular control panel for managing internet radio servers, but like any... Uploading Media to Centova Cast via FTP This quick guide will walk you through the steps to efficiently upload your media files to... What's the difference in the 2 fade options in my Centova Cast settings? With Centova v3 & SHOUTcast v2 server, you'll find 2 options for fade times under settings...
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