How to set up SAM broadcaster - Encoder

SAM Broadcaster is a professional DJ system that allows you to stream audio over the internet to listeners across the world.

You can download it from here :

(This tutorial is about the versions PRO and STUDIO)

First go to the pull down menu for Window and select Encoders.  

sam encoder setup

To add a new encoder, press the plus button. 

samencoder tutorial

Select the type of encoding MP3.

encoder sam brodcaster set up image

Then you have to setup the bitrate. We recommend you to select 128Kbps, which is the standard industry quality.

SAM encoder tutorial youtube

Now, go to the "configuration" section of your station centova administration panel ( You should fill in the blanks with the server's information. 

sam encoder centova cast setup

Fill in the blanks with this information.

Add the ip address that you will find at "HOST" of your Broadcast link.
Then add the port, the password and the mountpoint.
Attention! In the section "Mount", you have to add a slash (/) before you type the given mountpoint.
Unselect the option "List on public station listing" (optional) and click OK.

Highlight the encoder and press the "Play" button to start encoding

sam encoder error resolve



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