Centova DJ Account Cannot Connect when AutoDJ is playing

So you have your AutoDJ playing in Centova Cast control panel and know that if you have ShoutCast v2 or IceCast that you should be able to kick the AutoDJ off by simply connecting with a live source. Right? Well if you are having problems accomplishing that you are not alone. There is an easy way to get around this that has no effect on performance or features of the Centova Control panel.

ShoutCast v2 Server

Sometimes you simply have to configure your broadcast software to stream in ShoutCast v1 settings. This is a little weird I know but it works. So instead of the usual seperate username and password fields ShoutCast 2 has you put in you would use the format of username:password in the single field ShoutCast v1 provides to login.


ShoutCast v2
Host: IP Address/Host Address
Port: Usually in the 8000s (different from the v1 port, check quicklinks)
Username: DJ Account Username
Password: DJ Account Password
Mount: Usually /live or /stream

ShoutCast v1
Host: IP Address/Host Address
Port: Usually in the 8000s (different from the v2 port, check quicklinks)
Login: djusername:djpassword

Notice in Shoutcast v2 you need to put your DJ username and password into seperate boxes. You do not do that in ShoutCast v1 as v1 normally only has one box to put login information so the format is username:password.


If having trouble using ShoutCast v2 Settings try using ShoutCast v1 settings in your broadcasting software
Always use a dj account if you are trying to kick AutoDJ when connecting via a live source
NEVER use the Kick Source feature to kick AutoDJ in centova as this will cause some weirdness and may need server administrator to fix it server side
Make sure to use the correct ports which you can see in the Quicklinks area. Notice v2 and v1 have different port numbers.

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