What is the different between shoutcast v1 and shoutcast v2?

Shoutcast v2 has a completely redesigned API.

While you had that strange mix of HTML and XML in shoutcastv1 you can pretty much control every aspect of shoutcast v2 over well documented XML interfaces.

From the usage side the main advantage of the second generation stream servers (Icecast 2 and Shoutcast 2) is probably the possibility to have many streams on a single server instance and on the very same TCP port.

In Icecast 2 that feature is called mountpoints, no idea how it was called in sc2.

With Shoutcast v2 stream server also comes sc_trans v2 with extended metadata support, more input audio file formats and finally unicode support.

You can also have sc_trans v2 crossfade automatically to blend into a running station playlist.

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